February 24, 2018

NC Tiger Shark Fishing Charters

OBX Tiger Shark Fishing GuideTiger Sharks are also called “Sea Tigers” are known for their vertical tiger stripes. These powerful predators can reach 14 feet in length and weigh over 1,000 pounds. These bad boys are definitely at the top of the food chain! They are fierce feeders and are responsible of tons of human shark attacks. In fact, they are 2nd on the list of the most attacks (only outdone by the Great White Shark). Great White sharks don’t like the taste of humans, so they often swim away after the initial attack. Tiger Sharks have very little tasting abilities…so they stick around and finish the meal. (Gruesome and kinda scary, huh?) Their jaws are so powerful that they can crack the shell of a sea turtle for a meal! Tiger Sharks are found around NC’s shallow coast. They are also seen in NC’s sound system because they often enter inlets hunting prey. These big monsters offer a huge battle on hook and line. Get ready for reel-screaming action when we hook a Tiger Shark!