February 24, 2018

NC Thresher Shark Fishing Charters

NC OBX Thresher Shark GuideThresher Sharks are part of the Great White Shark family, the lamniform family.  Thresher sharks are often called long-tailed sharks.  Their huge tailfin is a propulsion system for a freaky powerful beast.  They can grow to 20 feet long.  Landing of monster of these proportions on traditional hook and line tackle is nearly impossible.  But, if you’re up to the task…I’d love to give it a whirl!  Thresher sharks prefer deep water and often linger just off the continental shelf.  In most areas, that’s a long run offshore.  Off North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the shelf is only 20 miles away.  NC’s coastal sandbars make bait an easy target for Thresher sharks to pursue.  They have been spotted and caught in the shallow water of North Caolina’s shifting shoals.