February 24, 2018

NC Sand Shark Fishing Charters

NC OBX Sand Tiger Shark Fishing GuideSand Sharks, also known as “Sand Tiger Sharks, Grey Nurse Sharks, and Ragged Tooth Sharks” are probably the most ferocious-looking sharks that consistently inhabit North Carolina.  These giants have the most gruesome mouth and teeth I can picture.  Even when their mouth is closed, their giant teeth hang out…pointed every direction possible.  A Sand Shark’s bite is deadly!  The grow to over 10 feet long and can weigh over 300 pounds.

Sand Tigers like shorelines where bait can be funneled and easily collected.  That make NC’s Outer Banks prime Sand Tiger Shark habitat.  Sand Tigers won’t eat humans.  If bothered and provoked, however, they will bite you…even dismember you…but they won’t actually eat you.

Sand Sharks actually surface and gulp air.  They hold the air in their stomach.  It acts as a swim bladder than allows the shark to float motionless–suspended waiting to ambush it’s prey.  Sand sharks are easy to identify because the have 2 large dorsal fins.  They’re a mean-looking beast that can make an amateur out of the most experienced fisherman.