February 24, 2018

NC Bull Shark Fishing Charters

NC OBX Bull Shark GuideBull Sharks are known to be very dangerous predators.  They can grow to 11 feet or more in length.  In fact, scientists once found one weighing in at over 1,000 pounds.  While that is extraodinarily uncommon, a hundred-pounder will give you the fight of a lifetime.  Bull sharks can live in both saltwater and freshwater ecosystems.  Some have even been recorded as far inland as Kentucky!

Bull sharks are extremely fast, strong, and agile swimmers.  They are possible the perfect marine predator.  When hooked they take off and don’t look back.  A Volkswagen may be easier to pull out of the water.

Bull sharks get their name because they have short “bullish” snouts.  They also have a tendency to head-butt their prey just before they attack it!  Bull sharks are very numerous in NC’s coastal waters, and they are a great gamefish.