February 24, 2018

NC Hammerhead Shark Fishing Charters

North Carolina Hammerhead Shark GuideHammerhead sharks are known for their GIGANTIC size.  These monsters can grow to 20 feet long!  That’s as long as a lot of boats!  While we’ve never caught one that big, the chance always exists.  Hammerhead sharks are found in North Carolina’s coastal waters year round.  There are several species of hammerhead shark including: winghead sharks, scalloped hammerhead sharks, bonnethead sharks, scalloped bonnethead sharks, smooth hammerhead sharks, and smalleye hammerhead sharks.

These powerful swimmers are tough to turn on a hook and line.  I often wonder who’s hooked up to who.  These great sportfish are worthy adversaries for anglers of all experience levels.  Come catch a Carolina Hammerhead on the OBX!